Georgia Technology Summit
May 3, 2023
Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA

May 3, 2023


Registration Opens


Exhibit Area Opens


Welcome Remarks


Morning Keynote:

Elatia Abate, Entrepeneur, Futurist, Global Keynote Speaker (Future of Now)


State of the Industry 1: Economist Update with Shayan Hussain (Blackrock)


Fireside Chat with Marc Gorlin, Founder & CEO (Roadie)


Sports Panel


Mohamed Massaquoi, Managing Director (VESSOL) & Former NFL


Todd Harris, CEO (Skillshot)

Karl Pierburg, CTO (Mercedes-Benz Stadium)

Billy Turchin, SVP of Product (FanDuel)

Scott Waid, CTO (Atlanta Braves)



Top 40 Introductions and Top 10 Presentations: 1-5


Up Next & Batting Practice Connection Activity

11:00 AM

Break & Exhibit Hall


Breakout Room 1

High-performance teams are built using technology and innovation. How can modern leaders use technology to set their team’s up for success?

Breakout Room 2

Experts will share approaches and strategies around harnessing the power of actionable data to enable business outcomes. Some key enablers will include: Architecture, Data Governance, and Data Privacy. 

Breakout Room 3

What is the role of large language models in the future of healthcare? When to rely on large language models for care and when to rely on the good old human clinical expertise? What are the societal, regulatory, economic, cultural considerations for successful application of large language models in healthcare?

Breakout Room 4

The fan experience is constantly evolving. How is media innovating to keep up with a digital world, and what technologies are being used to immerse fans and create meaningful and memorable experiences?


Lunch Begins


Tech Hall of Fame: Inductee & Fireside Chat

Sponsored by: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


Lunchtime Keynote:

Rob Thomas, SVP, Software & Chief Commercial Officer (IBM)


Afternoon Remarks


State of the Industry 2


Top 10 Presentations: 6-10


Seventh Inning Stretch Connection Activity


Break & Exhibit Hall


Breakout Room 1

Sustainability goes beyond green initiatives. What is your organization doing to promote matters of environmental, social, and governance initiatives? How does inclusive technology play a key role? 

Breakout Room 2

Tech talent is needed now more than ever. What is your organization doing to promote tech education and talent development How can purpose and experience support the ideal employee’s trajectory for success in today’s tech world? 

Breakout Room 3

Machine Learning as a way of leveraging value from data has become one of the hottest, most valued ways to catapult company capabilities, enhance value, increase revenues, and improve operational efficiencies. Learn how executives can better understand the value proposition machine learning brings, ways to build and maintain this capability, and how to get started. 

Breakout Room 4

Cyber-attackers are using increasingly innovative tactics to acquire secure information from large corporations across OT and IT assetsHow can organizations stay ahead of the curve for the next cloud, data, or cybersecurity breach? What best practices can everyone employ to keep company and personal information safe? 


Break & Exhibit Hall


Breakout Room 1

From the shop floor, to the top floor of our homes, we are inter-connected and enabled by the internet. Learn the benefits and challenges of equitable connectivity and accessibility in our growing connected world and how technology is evolving to enable data interactions without human to human or human to computer interaction.   

Breakout Room 2

Startups are an important part of the Georgia technology ecosystem, providing innovative tools and resources that make the industry more competitive. What can startups and their founders do to ensure stable funding to get their companies off the ground? How do they have equal access to funders? 

Breakout Room 3

With recent volatility, Crypto, fintechs and blockchain platforms are providing a secure path forward. What is the role of blockchain in the future? Is it more than a trend? 

Breakout Room 4

From mobile ticketing to real-time 3D animation of sporting events, technology is transforming the way people engage with sports content. How does technology affect sports on the field, in the stadium and on screen? 


Break & Exhibit Hall


Afternoon Keynote:

Massimo Peselli, Chief Revenue Officer Global Enterprise & Public Sector (Verizon)


TAG Impact Award


Top 10 Winners Announcement


State of the Industry 3


Sponsor Remarks


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Closing Remarks


Society Showcase with Music & Drinks

7:00 PM

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